National Civil Rights Defense Coalition

Taking your civil rights for granted runs the risk of unexpected consequences.

Being turned away for health care (with insurance) based on gender, race or religion. Women who can't find appropriate health care at all (in some states). Having to show papers to use the restroom based on gender recognition. Not to mention, legalized rape (Oklahoma House Bill 2398).

We must be ever vigilant of hate groups masquerading as “Religious Freedom” or "Religious Liberty" organizations. They have learned that using the Law to move their agenda forward, is more effective than a lynching noose. More than 200 hate bills have been introduced this year.

Why the recent flood of hate legislation?

The strategy dates back to1973 in retaliation of the Roe vs. Wade decision. Incrementally, methodically, hate groups use county and state law to strip away women's rights. The have achieved a great deal of success with this strategy in many states, chiefly, Kansas and Texas. In view of such progress, they set up shop (primarily) in the south and funding willing legislators to do their bidding. Legislators (that is to say) willing to risk their political careers in exchange for turning their back on the constitution with so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts” (AFRA's)

2013 Supreme Court Overturns “Defense of Marriage Act”.
Anti gay legislation is introduced in various state legislatures.

2015 Supreme Court Validates Same Sex Marriage.
Hate groups organize all out War against the GLBT with a retaliatory three pronged approach. First, mount a civil rights attack against the weakest (and least powerful) front of the GLBT, the Transgender Community. Next, gauge progress by wins and losses to reassess strategy targeting the entire Gay community. Ultimately, tabulating legislative results to refocus on restricting (or removing) women's rights on a state by state basis.

Some laws may pass, and the ones that fail will be followed with more drafting by “Bill Mills”. We have Advocacy Organizations in place to battle the injustice of Hate Legislation. But by then it's too late, and can drag on for months (even years) in court. Proactive Measures must be taken to prevent these Bills from being drafted and introduced to legislative bodies.

The time has come for “Proactive Advocacy” to stem the tide of legislated hatred, and that's what The National Civil Rights Coalition is for.