National Civil Rights Defense Coalition

The National Civil Rights Coalition is founded on the principle of fending off the drafting and introduction of unconstitutional hate legislation directed at gender or race.

Defending against threats of dismantling the United States Constitution and The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  • To monitor introduction of legislation intended to restrict (or remove) any civil rights, as well as the legislator introducing it. To monitor a legislators dealings with known domestic terrorist hate groups so designated by the ACLU and The Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • To make it known by legislators that any use of the words "Religion" or "Religious" in any legislative draft is in direct violation of Article 6 of the United States Constitution.
  • To overturn the Religious Freedom Act of 1993. Which has enabled the proliferation of domestic terrorist hate groups.
  • With the help of Federal Agencies, expose so-called “Religious Freedom” or "Religious Liberty" operations as fraudulent fronts for hate groups to revoke their tax exempt status, with the ultimate goal of shutting them down. Further, members or leaders of such groups posing imminent threats of bodily harm from such groups, to be re-classified as domestic terrorists.
  • To make it well known to any legislator entertaining the thought of introducing such legislation as related in anyway to AFRA's, will be primaried and ultimately thrown out of office, they will be flooded with complaints, they will be protested, and any businesses they're associated with will be boycotted. Thereby rendering such legislation as political poison for any legislator to be associated with.
  • Move to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to counter hate speech permeating the public airwaves. Pledge support for independent progressive media.
  • The National Civil Rights Coalition welcomes all to take part and encourages local and state advocacy groups across the United States to partner with us in our mission.